EGKF General Meeting, 21st September 2007

Dortmund, Germany


1)    Invitation and welcome of the EGKF President  Mr. Humberto Oliveira

            Invitation of the EGKF General secretary Mr. Jiri Bocek


2)    Admission of the new EGKF members – proposal: Latvia and Serbia – approved


3)    Report of the EGKF president Mr. Humberto Oliveira: (power point presentation)

EGKF past, present and future:

Information and statistics, graphs – membership development of the EGKF

E.G.K.F. has the aim of promoting, organising, regulating and popularising Goju-Ryu Karate Do. To fulfil our purposes, E.G.K.F. will follow the line, rules and goals established by the World Karate Federation (WKF).

In order to achieve its purposes E.G.K.F. will:

– Held tournaments for Cadets & Juniors and Seniors;

– Promote the improvement of Goju-Ryu techniques;

– Promote courses for leaders, trainers and referees;

– Held Congresses and Conferences;

– Promote Dan classes and technical seminars;

– Print publications or magazines;

– Seek recognition, as style federation, within the European Karate Federation

Several National Federations have been contacted by E.G.K.F. for more then one time. Many didn’t reply (Andorra, Azerbaijan, Croatia, England, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland and Slovenia).

Some stated Goju as inexistent: Cyprus, Estonia, Malta, San Marino, Turkmenistan and Wales.

Some gave us addresses of Goju dojos which we have contacted with no further results: Bulgaria, France and Sweden.

Some pass away our information to Goju groups: Armenia, with no further evolution

We are currently being the motor of the constitution of the World Goju-Ryu Karate Federation, as well as similar Federations in other continents.


4)    Report of the EGKF General secretary Mr. Jiri Bocek: (power point presentation)

EGKF Organizing committee proposal:

Reason: EGKF is:

– respectable sport organization

– every year we organize European Championships

– constitution of the World Goju-Ryu Karate Federation

– EGKF members are mostly supported by government department, ministry of sport

– ministry demands a lot of documents during the year, plans, lists of competitors, official results etc.

EGKF Organizing committee:

– just short look to EKF, many years in function

– quality, official and always the same output from the event, results in word or pdf format

– draw the list of competitors from every category

– committee will solve also technical questions of the competition 

EGKF Organizing committee structure:

Chairman:     one sport karate specialist             Proposal: Mr. Erhard Kellner (AUT) – approved

DC member:  one member of the EGKF board     Proposal: Mr.Jiri Bocek (CZE)         – approved

Members:      Host country organizers, PC specialists, organizing specialists


5)    Report of the EGKF Referee Committee Chairman Mr. Vitaliano Morandi.

On this Championships is only 14 referees presented.

       Big problem for time schedule observance

       Problem for fair minded refereeing

            Penalty for countries, which don’t have required number of referees for the event:

1 referee missing          = 100penalty

                         2 referees missing        = 200penalty

                         No referee at all           =  300€ penalty



6)    Delegates agree with facilitation of the emblems advertising on karate-gi accordingly to WKF rules:




7)    Proposal: Former European Champion kata team should have the same opportunity to start in the same category, plus the regular team from the country – NOT PASSED.

Result:  Former European Champion in individual category only can start in the same category plus two regular competitors from the same country.


8)    Proposal:  Registration EGKF as a trade mark (logo + name).

Objective: Check up possibilities and financial demandingness (H.Nehm)





9)    President EGKF and WGKF Mr. Humberto Oliveira:  

       EKGF is a motor of the growing up WGKF

       Africa Goju ryu Karate Federation, Web site:;

Warranter: Mr.Pieter Harms


The Africa Goju Ryu Karate Federation strives to be a truly inclusive Goju Ryu Federation for all the systems and branches of our style, irrespective of experience, size, diversity, affiliation to, membership of or representation at any other body.

The promotion and development of Goju Ryu is our prime objective, building healthier relationships amongst us all, members of the same family, while facing the challenges inside the Sporting World of Karate.


       Oceanian Goju ryu Karate Federation, Web site:;

Warranter: Mr.Dennis May, Mr.Humberto Oliveira



10)  Proposal for frequency of World and European Championships:

After plentiful discussions delegates decided:

       European Championships are alternating between cadet / juniors and seniors

       World Championships take place every four years

       In the year of World Championships being takes place, Juniors European Championships are organized at the first half of the year



2007        2008          2009          2010             2011          2012       2013          2014

ES       EJ        ES     WSJ+EJ    ES        EJ       ES    WSJ+EJ



            WSJ      World Championships for Seniors and Juniors/Cadets

            ES        European Championships for Seniors

            EJ         European Championships for Juniors/Cadets


11)   Next planed events:


2008 – European Championships for Junior and Cadets – Kaliningrad (Russia)

2009 – European Championships for Seniors – Bern (Switzerland)

2010 – World Championships for Seniors, Juniors and Cadets – Cascais (Portugal)

2010 – European Championships for Junior and Cadets – ? (Austria)





Brno, 1.10.2007

Jiri Bocek

EGKF Secretary General