EGKF General Meeting, 19th September 2003

Elvas, Portugal 

1)     Allocution of the vice-mayor of the city of Elvas


2)     Invitation of the General secretary Mr. Jiri Bocek


3)     Invitation and the report (power point presentation) of the EGKF president

Mr. Humberto Oliveira:


o    Information and statistics, graphs – memberships development of the EGKF

o    E.G.K.F. has the aim of promoting, organising, regulating and popularising Goju-Ryu Karate-Do. To fulfil our purposes, E.G.K.F. will follow the line, rules and goals established by the World Karate Federation (WKF).

o    Several National Federations have been contacted by E.G.K.F. Some didn’t reply (Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, England, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland and Serbia & Montenegro).

o    Some stated Goju as inexistent: Cyprus, Estonia, Malta, San Marino, Turkmenistan and Wales.

o    Some Goju has diminished expression, e.g. Turkey (3 dojos).

o    Some gave us addresses of Goju dojos, which we have contacted, with no further results: Finland, France, Netherlands and Sweden.

Others pass away our information to Goju groups: Armenia and Iceland.


4)     Approving of the EGKF regulations:     agree   10    against   0      approved.


5)     Approving of the EGKF referee rules :  agree   10    against   0      approved.


6)    Czech Federation asked EGKF to release from the referee board Mr. Bocek and advises         Mr. Musil Jaromir.


7)     Austrian Federation asked EGKF to release from the referee board Mr. Weisbock and         advises Mr. Huber Andreas.


8)     Next advised person to the referee board: Nuno Cardeira (Portugal)

Complete EGKF referee board has:

           The Chairman:           Vitaliano Morandi        (Italy)

Members:                  Uwe Portugal             (Germany)

                                Nuno Cardeira            (Portugal)

                                Jaromir Musil              (Czech Rep.)

                                Andreas Huber            (Austria)




9)     Next congress will develop the Medical board.


10)   Romania changed the group as a member of EGKF, president Suciu Gabriel


11)   New design of the EGKF internet pages you can find on


12)   Official letter to the all countries, which don’t pay an EGKF fee for more, then three          years, will loose the membership.


13)   Presentation of Austria (St. Poelten) – organiser of the 5th European Championships             Juniors and Cadets 2004 in termin 8.-10.October 2004. The age categories: 16-17,18-       20 (WKF system) and one category more 14-15 years old.

        Former European champion has the opportunity to start in the same categories, plus         the regular two competitors from the country (only in individuals).


14) Next European Championships: 2005: Spain, Barcelona and Germany, Berlin cancel       their reservation for the organisation. Vienna (Austria) will hold the next 12th European Senior Championship.

2006    – 6th Juniors and Cadets – Belgium (Leopoldsburg)

2007    – 13th Seniors – Germany (Dortmund)


15)   Constitutive committee of the WGKF (World Goju Ryu Karate Do Federation)
       Bocek Jiri (Czech), Oliveira Humberto (Portugal) and Tiberi Marcello (Italy) present an        idea to found this World Federation and offer of proposal to organize the World                  Championships in Assisi (Italy) 2008 presented by Marcello Tiberi.




Brno, 1.10.2003

Jiri Bocek

Secretary General