In Fürstenfeld Congress (2001) it was unanimously approved the Stella Pippi Fair Play Award.

It was meant as homage as well as a tribute to an “old” friend and extraordinary athlete. Stella was always present in our championships, since the first one in 1983 until the one held in1999, just some months before her sudden death at the age of 39 (11th March 1960 - 16th January 2000). During all those years her joy and contagious sympathy was the true personification of Fair Play, she was know by everyone and everybody loved her in E.G.K.F.

Due to this reasons, and many others more, E.G.K.F. wishes to homage and remember her for the future in our championships.

The Stella Pippi Fair Play Award will be delivered every two years by the time of the E.G.K.F. Senior Championship.

It is voted among all referees and coaches and attributed to the athlete considered the one with more Fair Play during the championship.

For me it is the correct and fair way to promote the everlasting presence of a dear and good friend!

Humberto Nuno de Oliveira



1st -  Maria Stella Pippi Fair Play Award winner 2003 - Felix KUEHNLE (Germany)

 photo © Judith Kuhnen

2nd - Maria Stella Pippi Fair Play Award winner 2005 - Eva THAJER (Austria)

3rd - Maria Stella Pippi Fair Play Award winner 2007 - Zuzana Ïurišová (Slovakia)



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