E.G.K.F. Championships organising rules (EGKF – COR)

E.G.K.F. Championships organising rules (EGKF – COR)


1.         The EGKF – COR will be the guidelines of supervising the organisation and running of all Goju-Ryu European Championships.

2.         The host countries hereafter designated as Organising member (OM) will have to stick to the enclosed rules. Any deviation from these rules will have to be reported on time from the organisers to the E.G.K.F. President or General Secretary, who will take the final decision in agreement with E.G.K.F. Directing Committee (DC).

3.         Championships will be under the overall control of the DC who can take any necessary actions.

4.         Supervision of all Championship activities is responsibility of a four members Organising Committee (OC) which is composed by a DC member, the elected chairman and one vocal of OC and the head of OM.

5.         The OM is responsible for the in-country organisation of the Championships and not with the duties of DC.

1. – Site and date

1.1.        The place for European Goju-Ryu Karate Championships will be confirmed by the preceding Congress by the occasion of Senior Championship were a brief presentation of location and facilities must be made.

1.2.        After confirmation by the Congress the OM shall make in E.G.K.F. account, no later than 15 days, a deposit of 2.500 € (twenty five hundred Euros) to act as guarantee of completion of all the organising rules of present rules. If all the rules are correctly followed, one week after the holding of the Championship the E.G.K.F. Treasurer will transfer the sum of 2.000 € (twenty hundred Euros) to the designated OM account. Otherwise the total amount remains for E.G.K.F. If so OM will be notified of such decision by the EGKF DC.

1.3.      The OM must notify the E.G.K.F. General-Secretary and the chairman of the Organising Committee (OC) at least 12 months in advance of the precise site and date and venue of the Championships, which will be done in the preceding championship by the following OM. Failure to do so can result in the DC taking the Championship away from the designated country.

1.4.      The European Young’s, Junior & Cadet Championships and Senior Championships are bi-annual and shall take place in September of the designated year.

1.5.      The site of the European Championships shall be located no more than 100 kilometres from an International airport which receives regular direct flights from other countries. Any exception to this will have to be expressly authorized by the DC.

1.6.      The chosen countries must be able to guarantee access to the whole of the E.G.K.F. membership.

1.7.      No later than nine (9) months before the date of the scheduled Championships (late December, early January) the host country should invite the Chairman of OC to check all the preparation details as well as all facilities. All the expenses of this trip are responsibility of OM.

1.8.      No later than eight (8) months before the date of the scheduled Championships (late January, early February), the host country must send out the first information to all E.G.K.F. member countries. This information can be a bulletin or preferably a page allocated on our web site or another one linked to it. [1]

Information should be at least the following:

a)         The date and venue for the event.

b)         Preliminary programme of activities.

c)         Hotels details and prices and airlines information.

d)         Name, address, telephone, fax numbers and e-mails of the host country Organising Committee and Travel Agency.

1.9.      No later than six (6) months prior to the event (early April), another bulletin or preferably a page allocated on our web site, or another one linked to it, with the following information[2].

a)         Final confirmation of the contents of the first bulletin.

b)         Final program for the Championships and all connected events (Congress, Committees Meetings, etc…).

c)         Place and time of Registration and Weightings.

d)         Requirements for Registration, address for Entry Cards and deadline for entries.

e)         Other General Information (e.g. visa requirements, etc).

f)          Insurance.

g)         Customs and currency regulations.

h)        Health and vaccination regulations.

i)          Local weather / climate.

j)          Other relevant information.

2. – Competition venue

2.1.      Arena Dimensions

The competition arena must be large enough to accommodate at least four (4) areas. Each area measures 8 x 8 meter, and is surrounded by a further 1 meter wide safety area, therefore is necessary to, allow 10 meter per area.

The whole competition floor may be raised to a height not exceeding 1 meter high. In this case, the safety area will be no less than 2 meter wide[3].

2.2.      Official Table

            A large official table shall be placed in order to allocate at least 12 persons; it should be raised at least 1 meter from the floor.

2.3.      Spectators Seating. The spectator seating capacity is at the discretion of the host country. However, there should be seating for at least 1000 spectators. Special seating for +/- 100 people must be reserved for VIPs etc. and ample seating for referees and fighters.

2.4.      The seating area for the VIPs and the referees must be constantly monitored by stewards and security to avoid intrusions.

2.5.      Stadium Rooms.

            There must be adequately spaced, separate rooms for the following:

                        – WARMING-UP PRACTISE                                            (see app. 2)

                        – WEIGHING (MALE & FEMALE)                                    (see app. 3)

                        – PRESS & MEDIA                                                            (see app. 4)

                        – MEDICAL & DRUG TESTING                                       (see app. 5)

                        – OFFICIALS

                        – CHANGING ROOMS                                                      (see app. 6)

2.5.      The National flag of each E.G.K.F. participating country should be exhibited at the sports hall together with the official E.G.K.F. flag. National Anthems must be available on fast recall. Each country should supply the host country with two flags and their national anthem.

2.6.      A winner’s podium should be provided and proper arrangements for the presentation of prizes should be made (see 19. OFFICIAL MEDAL CEREMONY).

2.7.      Heads and members of National delegations have no place at all in the arena and must not be allowed on it at all.

2.8.      Athletes, officials, or any member of a delegation who do not conduct themselves properly can be reported to DC which is empowered to take disciplinary action against the miscreants.

2.9.      Athletes and officials are reminded that they should not smoke on the sports hall. They are also warned against sprawling on the floor whilst in uniform.

3. – Headquarters Hotel and Official Hotels

3.1.      The OM will select, if possible, a minimum of 3 hotels for all members of the participating countries, one of which will be Headquarters hotel. The hotels must be checked on the occasion of OC Chairman visit, and once ratified will be considered the Official Hotels for the competition[4]

3.2.      The designated hotels must be approved by the E.G.K.F. DC. The hotels shall be of reasonable quality. The hotel chosen as headquarter, if possible shall have available a minimum of 50 rooms for the duration of the Championships.

3.3.      The hotels shall be of a good standard and price in realistic context with national rates. The OM may not arrange for delegations to be surcharged for their usage of the designated hotels. On the contrary, efforts must be made by the host country to obtain a reduced price.

            The host country must not intrude between the hotels management and the delegations unless it can prove that by so doing, it is able to secure a more favourable rate.

3.4.      The hotel rates must be given, at least, in a B & B basis, individual and double occupation, and per night, without including any other concept. Also the prices must be given in the local currency, stating the exchange rate between the local currency and Euros (€) at the time of the quotation.

3.5.      The head quarters hotel is for the accommodation of the following:

                        DIRECTING COMMITTEE

                        REFEREE COMMITTEE

                        ORGANISING COMMITTEE

                        It may also be used for competitors and referees, provided all official committee members have been given prior bookings.

4. – Organisation in host country

4.1.      The OM must provide courtesy transport from the headquarters and official hotels to the stadium and return for all participants. It must also assure courtesy transport for the referees to the referee course and return[5].

            The OM will also do their best to arrange, upon demand, the transportation of the delegations from the airport to the hotel. This service will be, if needed, quoted and accordingly charged.

            The OM must also assure courtesy transport for all Committee members from the airport to the hotel and return and for their official duties during the Championships. The schedules will be coordinated by the General-Secretary with the host country.

4.2.      The OM is responsible for providing venues for the Referee Course, the DC, the RC, the OC and E.G.K.F. Congress and other E.G.K.F. official meetings.

4.7.      Throughout the Championships, the OM must provide a help desk at the sports hall to deal with problems faced by participating countries. This shall be a non-stop operation from 9.00 am until 22.00 pm.

4.8.      Throughout the Championship, the OM must provide a car for any transportation need of DC.

5. – Meetings

A meeting room should be kept available throughout the Championships at the stadium, for a capacity of 20 people.

6. – Responsibilities of the host country doctors

6.1.      All the medical personnel participating in the event must attend the Referee Kumite Course in order to familiarise themselves with the Rules connected with injuries and treatment.

6.2.      A minimum of one doctor per competition area during Kumite is required for the duration of the Championships, plus also adequate qualified first aid staff.

6.3.      A standby ambulance for emergencies must be supplied and be available throughout the competition schedule.

6.4.      All the local doctors must be competent at E.G.K.F. official language.

7. – Referee Course

7.1.      There must be adequate seating for at least 40 people plus enough floor space for one full competition area.

            Material to be provided by the OM: 6 blue flags, 6 red flags, 6 blue belts, 6 red belts, 6 Chronometers, 3 bells, 3 official scoreboards and the adequate number of competitors.

7.2.      Referees Examination.

Adequate seats and tables for 40 people, with separate seating for the Referee Committee (RC). Room available according to the official program.

7.3.      Referee examination papers, diplomas, ties and badges are the responsibility of the DC, who will ensure that a proper supply of each is available at the course.

7.4.      All fees and payments related to the Referee Course are responsibility of E.G.K.F. and not of the OM.

8. – Draw

8.1.      The draw will be made by the OC Vocal. Each completed master sheet must be signed by him.

8.2.      The draw must use E.G.K.F. computerised random process with the exception that the previous corresponding Championships finalists are separated as widely as possible and double entries from each nation are segregated into separate pools, or as far apart as possible if in one pool.

8.3.      Entries for the draw will be those taken from the registration forms.

8.4.      The draw sheets for the Championships must be based upon an approved E.G.K.F. format.

9. – Prizes

9.1.      Good quality prizes shall be provided by the OM.

            In individual events the first prize will be a gold medal, the second prize a silver medal, and the two third prizes bronze medals. All members of Kumite and Kata teams should receive a medal plus one trophy per team.

9.2.      A trophy chosen by the host country shall be provided for “Stella Pippi Fair Play Award” on the occasion of Seniors Championship.

10. – Financial Considerations

10.1.   The OM must meet the following expenses.

            A)        Young, Junior and Cadet Championships

            A1) Travel

            One (1) flight ticket based on the amount of 500 €.

            A2)     Accommodation

            Seven (7) double rooms in the head quarters hotel in a bed & breakfast basis for a maximum of 5 nights[6].

            B)        Senior Championships

            B1)      Travel

            Two (2) flight tickets, as previously stated in A1.

            B2)      Accommodation

            Eight (8) double rooms in the head quarters hotel in bed & breakfast basis for a maximum of 5 nights.

10.2.   The TV rights of the E.G.K.F. Championships are the property of E.G.K.F., to deal with it at its sole discretion.

            The E.G.K.F. DC may permit the OM to videotape the Championships and shall make such terms as to decide at its discretion, relating to this permission.

            No participation fees, except for competitors, may be charged by the host country. Delegations shall be provided with free admission to the Championships.

            Those considered as official delegations are:

                        – The leaders of each official member.

                        – The technical directors or sports directors.

                        – The competitors

                        – The referees.

                        – The coaches.

                        – The doctors and medical staff.

                        – The reporters and photographers.

                        – The VIPS invited by the Presidents of the National Federations.

            The spouses or first degree relatives coming with the above mentioned persons are also considered as members of the delegation.

            The supporters and others coming with the delegation are not considered as members of the delegation and their admission inside the sports hall can be charged, although at half price of normal admission price.

10.3.   Apart from any local donations or supports the OM is entitled to keep 75% of all the participation fee’s at the championship (30 € for individuals and 100 € per team events). The remaining 25% are to be delivered to E.G.K.F. for supporting referees expenses on the event.

11. – Miscellaneous

11.1.   In agreeing to host E.G.K.F. Championships, the OM is undertaking a substantial task. Not only is the financial commitment a consideration but the country shall also guarantee to supply:

            a)      Sufficient trained timekeeper / scorekeepers to manage all areas for the entire event.

            b)      Sufficient liaison officers to convey match results promptly to the controllers.

c)      Sufficient experienced controllers to provide for the full charting of the match in the English language.

            d)      Sufficient stewards and security people to provide an uncluttered arena.

            e)      Sufficient secretarial staff and clerical officers to administer the registration.

            f)       Draw sheets, stopwatches and sheets. Bells, buzzers, oxygen equipment, ambulance, winner podium, Anthems, prizes, area tape, weighing machines.

            g)      Adequate daily training facilities for the competing nations during 1 full day prior to the beginning of competition in juniors and 2 full days in seniors.

            h)     Costless adequate light meals or snack for referees, DC and OC inside or near Sports Hall, during championship and other official events.

11.2.   W.K.F. approved protective equipment must be used at the Championships.

11.3.   Display boards must feature prominently, charting the progress of matches in that area. A master chart should be posted in the headquarters hotel the evening before each event. A duplicate will be placed at an accessible spot in the arena, where it may readily be seen by fighters and coaches.

12. – Press Access

12.1.   The Press of the host country should be vetted by the OM. Where television is present, directors must be informed that lights which disturb the participants may not be used.

12.2.   For foreign press all efforts must be made to reduce the number of people in the competition area itself and it is therefore essential that foreign Press be restricted to “Press Only” areas which are well sited for photographs.

12.3.   Both must make their Press accreditation.

12.4.   During presentation ceremonies, the press must be kept back.

13. – Insurance

13.1.   The OM must ensure that the Championships are covered by insurance policies which cover personal accidents, member to member and public liability.

            Where such policies are not available, this should be reported to OC during the visit and then the E.G.K.F. Treasurer must be informed. He will arrange such cover if possible and invoice the OM.

13.2.   However each country has to ensure that they have proper insurance for their athletes.

14. – Scoring Boards and Countdown clocks

14.1.   Each of the fighting areas must be furnished with an Electronic, or equivalent, Scoring Board.

14.2.   Each of the fighting areas must be furnished with a countdown clock, indicating the time – in seconds – still running until the end of the bout.

            Each clock should be visible for the referees, the fighters and the public.

15. – Registration and qualification 

15.1.   At registration, identification cards will be issued, together with the final schedule and promotional material. The cards will attach a photograph of the holder. At the same time, fighters will be issued with an approved E.G.K.F. health monitoring card. This must be carried at all times during the Championships. For details of registration requirements, see 15 and Appendix 1.

15.2.   No entry should be registered by the OM unless first cleared by E.G.K.F. the evidence that all membership fees are fully paid.

15.3.   Registration documents and all paperwork concerned with the Championships must be written in English.

15.4.   On registration evidence of nationality must be produced in respect of all athletes.

15.5.   With the following exceptions, only Nationals of a country may take part in the European Championships and represent their country.

            As a general rule if a competitor has represented one country in an E.G.K.F. official event he cannot represent another country at a European Championships

            Therefore identification document should be exhibited.

15.6.   Nevertheless, if a competitor that has taken part in one of those events obtains by marriage the nationality of his spouse, he may represent his spouse’s country complying article 15.9.

15.7.   A competitor who possesses dual Nationality may only represent one or another country as he selects. Once represented both countries E.G.K.F. – DC approval will be necessary for a further change.

15.8.   A competitor may represent the country of his birth and of which he is a National unless he opts to take the Nationality of his/her father or mother.

15.9.   A naturalised competitor (or one who has changed his Nationality by naturalisation) may not participate in the European Championships representing his new country until two years after his naturalisation. The period following naturalisation may be reduced or even cancelled with the agreement of the member concerned and the final approval of the E.G.K.F. DC.

15.10. If an associated State, Province or overseas Department, a country or former colony acquires independence, or a country incorporated within another country by reason of a change of border, or if a new member is recognised by E.G.K.F., a competitor may continue to represent the country to which he or she belongs or belonged.

            However, he may choose to represent his new country in the European Championships.

16. – Entry cards

16.1.   The identification card shall contain the following particulars:

            * Photograph

            * Given Names and Surname

            * Date of Birth

            * Sex

            * Nationality

            * Passport Number

16.2.   The identification cards design will be made available by the DC for OM to print them and they shall be stamped by the OC.

16.3.   The following shall apply to Entry Cards:

            White Card               For competitors only

            Yellow Card              Coaches, Timekeepers, Doctors, Staff, Referees, Judges, Physiotherapists, Managers

            Pink Card                 VIPS

                                               Presidents of National Federations

                                               Official Committees members

17. – Invitations – Protocol

17.1.   For all events (meetings, Championships, dinners, receptions, etc.) the protocol will be:

            *          President of E.G.K.F.

            *           President of the hosting NF

            *           Honorary EGKF President(s)

            *          Vice President

            *           General – Secretary

            *          Treasurer

            *          Auditors

            *          Chair of E.G.K.F. Committees (in alphabetical order)

            *          Members of E.G.K.F. Committees (in alphabetical order)

            *          President and DC members of the host country

            *           President and DC members of E.G.K.F. members Federations (in alphabetical order)

            *          Referees

            *          Competitors

            *          Coaches and technical directors

            *           Invited guests. However, VIP´S will be placed with the President

17.2.   Receptions.

            During opening and closing ceremonies the order of 17.1. will be respected.

18. – Opening ceremony

18.1.   The sovereign, Head of State or the personality who has been invited to preside at the European Championships shall be received at the entrance of the stadium by the President of E.G.K.F. and by the President of the National Federation of the host country.

            The two Presidents shall conduct the Sovereign or Head of State or personality and his retinue to his box in the stand of honour where he shall be greeted with his National Anthem.

18.2.   The parade of the participants shall then follow. Each delegation dressed in its official uniform, sports wear or clean karate-gi must be preceded by a name board bearing its name[7] and must be accompanied by its flag. It is a duty as well as an honour to participate in the opening ceremony.

18.3.   No participant in the parade of opening ceremony is permitted to carry cameras, flags, banners, etc. Any participant committing a breach of the above regulations will be liable to sanctions.

18.4.   The contingent shall parade in alphabetical order according to the language of the OM the European Championships, except the host country that shall bring up the rear. Only those who are competing in the European Championships and Officials in each delegation, shall parade.

18.5.   The delegation shall salute the sovereign or Head of State or personality of the country by turning their heads towards his box with no other demonstration.

            The flag of the participating delegations as well as the name boards and their bearers, shall be furnished by the host country and shall be of equal size.

            Each contingent, after completion of its march around the stadium, shall line in the central lane and maintain its positioning in a column behind its name-board and flag facing the stand of honour.

18.6    After team parade the referees will enter the sports hall the same manner.

18.7.   The President of the National Federation of the host country, accompanied by the President of E.G.K.F. shall then proceed to the rostrum placed on the field in front of the stand of honour where he shall introduce the President of E.G.K.F. will the following words:

            “I have the honour to introduce…, President of the EUROPEAN GOJU-RYU KARATE-DO FEDERATION, to whom I extend the warmest welcome…”

            The President of E.G.K.F. shall then mount the rostrum, and deliver a brief speech of welcome, concluding with the words;

            “I have the honour to invite… (the sovereign or Head of State or personality) to proclaim open the European Championships”

            The Sovereign or Head of State or personality shall then conclude in his speech with the words:

            “I declare open the European Championships of Goju-Ryu Karate”.

            Immediately the E.G.K.F. flag shall be slowly raised on the flagpole erected in the stadium.

            The Anthem of the organising country shall then be played and the participants shall leave the stadium by the route marked by the organisers.

            The official ceremony according to the protocol described above comes so to an end. Only then may any artistic programme take place. The entire Opening Ceremony and any exhibitions should not last more than 1 hour.

19. – Official Medal ceremony

19.1.   For all Championships organised by E.G.K.F., the procedure for awarding medals and prizes will be as follows:

            The podium must be fixed and big enough to grant place for members of team events.

            The highest step of the podium must be in the centre for the winner.

            The intermediate step is for the runner-up and the lowest step for the 3rd places.

19.2.   A red carpet will be laid as close as possible to the podium for the official prize givers.

            Organisers must call the prize winners in advance, in order to assemble them correctly in 2, 1 and 3rd order, behind the Master of Ceremonies for the prize giving.

            The prize winners will then assemble in a line parallel to the podium.

19.3.   The Master of Ceremonies will be placed in front of the prize-winners, and will conduct them to the podium.

19.4.   The Competitors shall wear tracksuit or clean karate-gi

19.5.   As the name of each prize-winner is called, they will climb the podium, whilst music is being played. As soon as all the prize-winners are on the podium, the officials in charge of the prize giving will move towards the podium.

19.6.   The people bearing the prizes will face the podium, and stand parallel to it, at a distance of 3 metres. Prizes will be given by the chosen personality accompanied by the E.G.K.F. President.

19.7.   After the prizes have been given, the National Anthem of the country of the winner will be played and all will stand and face the National flags which will be slowly raised, with the flag of the winner’s nation in the centre.

19.8.   Right before the formal ceremony, the stewards will remove all persons not directly connected with the ceremony. Official photographers will be exempted; however they must remain at a reasonable distance from the podium.

20. – Closing ceremony

The President of E.G.K.F., the President of the host country and a small delegation will formally hand over the official flag to the President of the country hosting the next Championships.

The National Anthem of the host country will be played, and this will formally end the Championships.

21. – Sayonara Party

The Sayonara Party will be held at the exclusive responsibility of OM. Nevertheless, DC considers it existence of a major importance in E.G.K.F. championships.

A reasonable price should be established by OM for participants, nevertheless the following should be exempted from payment: DC members; OC members, Referees and Heads of Delegation.








A minimum of 60 sq meters is necessary, together with separate entrance and exit, available according to the official program. Suitable number of tables must be provided.

A3 photocopy machine with reduction facilities.

A computer / printer.

Plastic envelopes for entry cards, in accordance with EKF specifications, with enough ribbon for use.

Selections of pens and pencils.

Three heavy duty staple guns with adequate staples.

Three pairs of large, sharp scissors.

Three black pads and glue (temporary and permanent)

200 envelopes for A3 paper and A3 folders.

Enough people for administrative help available at hall times provided by OM.


A room with enough free floor space for competitors to practise, it should communicate with the main arena.


A large room with a smaller annexed room, with separate entrance and exit must be provided. The larger will be used for disrobing and the smaller for the actual weighing. Two accurate scales will be required, with at least 3 officials and 3 extra staff supplied by the host country, to control entrance and exit of the competitors. Weighing of women will be performed separately from men.



This room should have the following facilities:

International telephones

Fax, word processing equipment, photocopy machine, access to E-MAIL staff in attendance for advice and help.


This room must have washing facilities and a clean water supply.

The host country must ensure that this room is fully equipped according to the medical requirements.


Preferably, there should be a separate room per country. However, if this is not possible, there should be large changing rooms with showers, separated for male and female. Security lockers should be available and security staff, provided by the host country must patrol the changing rooms areas at all times.


A large table & 6 chairs

10 blue belts

10 red belts

3 chronometers

Power supply

1 electronic scoreboard

Adequate writing material

1 highly audible gong

1 red and 1 blue hand indicator

8 extra chairs for referees

1 set of Kata scoreboards

5 blue and 5 red flags for judges.


There must be 4 tables and 8 chairs for the Organising Committee and Controllers. They must be away from the match areas and preferably elevated, with no access for any non-official persons. Power supply for 5 connections must be provided, together with the following items:

A3 photocopy machine.

Computer / printer.

Microphone and loudspeaker system.

5 tables and 10 chairs for the RC, away from the areas and preferably elevated with newer point.

2 tables and 8 chairs for medical staff.

Adequate tables and chairs for 10 press people.

Sufficient table area for trophies, medals, etc.


There must be at least 36 persons, supplied by the host country, for the following tasks:

1 general liaison bilingual coordinator; 5 persons for each tatami; 2 permanent stewardess ladies for Organising Committee duties; 10 persons for access control; 3 persons for flag control and National Anthems; 4 ladies for medal ceremonies; 1 fluent translator.


ALB Albania
AND Andorra
ARM Armenia
AUT Austria
AZE Azerbaijan
BLR Belarus
BEL Belgium
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina
BUL Bulgaria
CRO Croatia
CYP Cyprus
CZE Czech Republic
DEN Denmark
ENG England
EST Estonia
FIN Finland
FRA France


GEO Georgia
GER Germany
GRE Greece
HUN Hungary
ISL Iceland
IRL Ireland
ITA Italy
LAT Latvia
LIE Liechtenstein
LTU Lithuania
LUX Luxembourg
MKD Macedonia
MLT Malta
MON Monaco
MNE Montenegro
NED Netherlands
NIR Northern Ireland
NOR Norway


POL Poland
POR Portugal
MDA Republic of Moldova
ROM Romania
RUS Russian Federation
SMR San Marino
SCO Scotland
SRB Serbia
SVK Slovakia
SLO Slovenia
ESP Spain
SWE Sweden
SUI Switzerland
TUR Turkey
UKR Ukraine
WAL Wales



[1] In both cases, prior to being sent/placed, it must be communicated to E.G.K.F. President for approval.

[2] Also previously communicated to E.G.K.F. President for agreement.

[3] It is imperative that all matted areas are firmly secured to the floor.

[4] Important note: the OM will not be held responsible for any participating country which fails to comply with the deadline for reservations and registration. If a participating country chooses a hotel other than those selected by the OM, the OM will bear no responsibility arising from such a choice.

[5] If headquarter hotel, or any other of the official hotels, is located within a range of ten to fifteen minutes of walking distance from the sports hall there will be no need of transportation.

[6] On nominating Headquarter official hotel OM should ask, in exchange with publicity, to ask these rooms for free, in order no extra expenses are meant for them.

[7] Where country codes are used during the Championships these shall be of 3 letters and strictly in accordance with the E.K.F. designation for that country (see app. 10).